C.M.F. S.r.l.is a concern operating both on national and international scale and prides itself on 20 years of experience.
The firm specializes in the design and installation of material handling equipment and system for many application in the following industrial fields: foundry, steel-mil, plastic material moulding, assembly-line, collection of disposal of waste, small parts, fittings, foodstufs, paper-mil, etc.
Organisation based on constant attention to innovationand flexibility enables an increasing development of the production plant and sales department.
Continuous research and wise investments have improved design potentialities and production tecnology.
This philosophy will allow C.M.F. S.r.l. to strengthen its position both on national and international market.

All C.M.F. S.r.l. solutions are adapted to the individual assignment, in order to fit the clients' specific requirements.
Its technical staff offers complete service to its Customers starting with evaluation for the required objectives throught design, engineering to installation commisioning, assuring total efficency, functionality and high reliability of the systems.
The whole production complies with the regulations in force in matter of safety CE.

C.M.F. SRL - 26022 CASTELVERDE (CR) ITALY - Via Bergamo, 62 - Tel. +39 (0372) 427389 - Fax +39 (0372) 429258
Home Page : http://www.cmffrusconi.com - E-Mail: info@cmf-srl.com - ufficiotecnico@cmf-srl.com

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